30 March, 2012

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs

I had been looking forward to going to see this exhibition, and it lived up to expectations. It started by setting the scene, the cultural time that Louis Vuitton started his business was one that saw great change in the wardrobes of women and as an innovator he saw the opportunity to revolutionise the way the upper class travelled. The exhibit shows original cases, some with such elaborate designs it takes your breath away, my particular favourite was the one that contained a camp bed. Then we were introduced to the modern face of Louis Vuitton, and the world of Marc Jacobs. As you walk upstairs you are faced by digital inspiration boards with moving images and references from high and low culture it really does show how Marc's mind ticks. You meander through his collections over the last few years, view the accessories line displayed like french fancies, see a fabulous animated film, and finally are bid farewell by a mini revolving Marc Jacobs. What more would you expect from the King of Luxury, this exhibition is a must see.

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