19 April, 2011

The Cult of Beauty

Veronica Veronese
By Rosetti

Symphony in White, No 1: The White Girl
by Whistler

by Leighton

The Countess Brownlow
by Leighton

by Millet

Purple and Rose
by Whistler

Symphony in White
by Whister


Reading Aloud

 "Art that existed to be beautiful."
Post Cards and pretty things from this incredible exhibition at The V&A, it was a pleasure wandering around these beautiful paintings. Personally i found 'Reading Aloud' to be the most mesmerising, if i could some how copy this image onto my wall i would be in heaven, the colours and the prints are just heavenly. The aesthetic movement definitely leaves me in awe, and i went a little bit crazy when i saw all the post cards in the gift shop. 

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