16 February, 2011

Rosie's new girl crush...

"The Boy" is currently giving me an education on cinema, since my standard answer to 'have you seen (insert film here) is usually: which one is that?!? or No?!?'. So valentines day was the perfect opportunity for a classic, and in the process i developed a serious girl crush and an urge to go to Mexico. The film: Desperado directed and written by Roberto Rodriguez and with the violence and gore synonymous with the likes of Tarantino (which is not normally my thing), also had a touching and passionate love story (very much my thing) involving Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek fuelled on love/hate, which all the best are! Banderas and Hayek, possibly the most stunningly sexy people on this earth were electric together, and from Hayek's opening scene in which she stops traffic in her cropped top and hip skimming maxi skirt she is jaw droppingly HOT!
While this film is from 1995 and not fashion led at all the atmosphere and the story really reminded me of the Marc Jacobs S/S collection which is all about toned colours and HAIR, i don't think any of his pieces would have looked out of place and Salma would look pretty darn good in them too.
Really i fell in love with her curves, her spirit, and the simplicity in which she wore the clothes...you really do find style inspiration in the strangest of places.

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