16 November, 2009

Trip down memory lane

I had to go to the Brewhouse Yard Museum for Design and Visual Culture research and i love a good museum so relished the opportunity to have a good look round as i haven't been to the Brewhouse since i was 11. While the museum lacked excitment i can always make something out of the souvenir shop, a quote from my Mums 'Oooow get some souvenirs' i have been brought up to covet any kind of shop, especially if it sells postcards. So i went in to learn and came out with a stack of postcards, a tin of boiled sweets, the book Vanity Fair, a space hopper (DON'T ASK), and the victorian cut out lady.
She has had a tad rosieribbons makeover, but i think i pull of the Victorian look marvelously.

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