07 October, 2009

She's The One

I was given his article by my best friend Miss Fairfax and it instantly clicked with me. We found each other in the midst of feeling like social rejects and what was a shared love of being secret geeks has turned into the most beautiful friendship. She is the only person that i can travel with and not get annoyed, we can sit in silence and not feel awkward, she likes that i am overly efficient and always have a plan and we are 'foot twins' (the equivalent to Joeys 'hands twin' from friends) which doesn't fail to freak out everyone we come into contact with.
This article describes when you find you friendship sole mate 'She is the woman who sends me postcards from obscure places, imploring me to read fantastic book she has discovered. It is dificult to explain how comforting it is to have someone who is so absent physically but so present emotionally in my life.' This quote from the article sums it up, for me Miss Fairfax is not just part of my life she is part of me and i can't imagine life without her. When you find that person you just 'click' with you know she is the ONE!

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