27 October, 2009

REISS 1971 launch

Reiss 1971 launch-
I was tracked down to be given an invite to this 'shopping evening' while i shopped in Topshop and didn't think much of it because i have always avoided nights like this in the past and was fed up of Student nights where shops have scrounging students queing to bleed them dry. Mostly though because i have never had any money to buy anything when i go and just end up standing around looking very uncomfortable because you are being hounded by over zealous sales assistants.
Well this night was the exact opposite, there was the glitz, the glamour, photographers, drinks and oooooh yes the main reason i was there 10% off i felt like a celebrity swanning about at a launch. The party was in aid of the new diffusion line of denim, but i have to be honest this was hardly even looked at. People were there to buy that item that they had swooned at in the window and this was the perfect time to do it, the band decked in the Reiss gear really set the scene with their INCREDIBLE side burns and cool swagger they really wore the clothes well and turned the shop into an event. The store, as always was laid out beautifully and i found myself walking around about 5 or 6 times just to take it all in this was also the reason i brought the bag.
The staff kept the night alive, rather than beign hasseled they were the perfect hosts and even offered to save peoples purchases for the next day if they wanted to go on out afterwards.
In the end i walked out with a hat, coat and bag and my friends also had a purchase each, our only complaint of the night was that the luky bag looked as though they had just emptied the contents of a magazine into the bag, which was poor, REISS your far more glam than that!

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