18 February, 2009

Blythe doll weird or fashion icon????

Ok, i discovered the Blythe dolls and am torn in my opinion i love the fashions and mini me nature of them and YES i would love to have my own to dress and style and accessorize, due to the fact i am still a child at heart!(My obsession with cabbage patch dolls will never end)however i was quite disturbed when mushroom head(my bro) told me that they were not tres chic but in fact very scary.
This revelation led me to question weather grown women obsessing over a doll is quite healthy????? Flickr has a whole archive of the Blythe dolls in what can only be described as photo shoots, and even though my head tells me its wrong my heart is screaming I WANT ONE NOW!!!!! I want to dress it name it and i want it to have other Blythe friends, people have dogs that they treat as kids why not a Blythe??

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